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A staggered arrival time ensures a warm welcome for each child. The children choose from a range of fun activities to start the day and Breakfast is available for those who arrive before 8:30 am. Once everyone has arrived we have Show and Tell where we say good morning to each other and discuss the day’s activities. This is also the time when children can share any news.

Free flow Activity time is where the outside play area becomes an extension of the nursery environment and children can access inside and outside freely throughout the session. The children have the opportunity to choose the activities and influence their own environment. Our Guided learning is where our staff provide learning opportunities for children based on their interest and developmental levels.

Children can decide when they want snack within these times and choose from a selection of fruit and savoury snacks that is available to them. During quiet time, sleeping facilities are available and children who don’t sleep are encouraged to take part in quiet activities.

8:00 – Arrival and breakfast

8:30 – free play indoors and outdoors

9:00 – Welcome / Show and Tell

9:30 – Guided Learning

12:00 – Lunch Time

12:45 – Naptime / quiet time

13:00 – Circle time / group activity (end of morning sessions – afternoon sessions began)

13:30 – Guided Learning

15:00 – Tea Time

15:30 – Rhyme Time

16:00 – Free Play

17:00 – Snack

17:30 – Wind down / story time

18:00 – Home-time and goodbyes