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A Montessori directress is said to be behind the child, to see where they have been. In front of the child to see, where they are going and next to the child in case they need help.
At Buckingham Montessori School we ensure our staffing levels meet if not exceed the regulations set down by Ofsted. All our staff are fully vetted, are qualified in childcare education and highly experienced within in the early years sector.

We seek to employ passionate individuals who have a warm and caring personality and are dedicated to high quality of care. All our staff have a compassionate approach child development and each child’s individual needs. At Buckingham Montessori we strive to provide our staff with continual support through in-house training, individual courses and regular appraisals. Our staff are paediatric first aid trained are fully aware of health and safety legislation and are confident in dealing with safeguarding issues and concerns.

At our setting each child is assigned a Key Person who develops a special relationship with the child ensuring they always feel cared for and secure. We keep records of your child’s development highly confidential yet you can have access to at all times. We believe communication is the key to a successful childcare setting and have an open door policy for parents to share and communicate with ease.

The ratio of staff to children that is met at all times is as below:

Under 2 years: 1:3 ratio
2 Years – 3 years: 1:4 ratio
3 years – 5 years: 1:8 ratio