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A child who is given healthy foods will receive a lifetime bonus of a stronger mind and body. At Buckingham Montessori School we offer daily nutritious menus which provide all children with a well balanced diet while in our care. Our menus are carefully planned with a great emphasis on healthy eating and individual diet needs. Healthy finger food is also be offered to encourage your child to eat independently.

Our experienced chef caters for all dietary requirements and allergies ensuring that the needs of all children are met. Food is presented in a colourful and creative manner to make meal time exciting. We offer breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, tea and refreshments. Breakfast is served on arrival at 8:00am and includes cereal, toast and milk. Lunch and tea is prepared daily by our nursery cook and alternates every 4 weeks.

Our snacks include fresh fruit, carrot sticks, breadsticks, cheese, crackers, etc. Refreshments such as Water and milk are provided throughout the day as well as at meal times.

Menus are carefully planned with the individual child’s dietary requirement in mind. Our menus are displayed on our notice board at the nursery entrance and also available below.

Vegetarian options are shown in green.

All our meals are Halal.